The introduction of the farm

The biodynamic farm Rekola is located in the village of Heponiemi in Kangasala, central Finland. The agronomist Kalervo Rekola established the biodynamic farming methods on the farm already in the beginning of the 1970’s. The aim was to create a self-sustained and diverse farm in order to maintain the soil fertility and guarantee a high quality of the products produced on the farm.

Vegetable growing: The commercial vegetable growing was started in the middle of the 1980’s. We grow potatoes, root crops, cabbages and a wide range of lettuce and herbs. We are aiming to produce a wide range of products. At the times of harvesting we traditionally organize volunteer harvest parties. The person responsible for growing of root crops, potatoes and vegetables both in the field and in the greenhouse is Henri Murto.

Farm bakery: The bakery was established on the farm in 1977 in order to process the farm produce. The Bakery was later renamed as Rekola Biojaloste Ky (Bio-produce company). The selection of the bakery products consists of traditional sour bread, wheat bread, oat bread and fruit bread. The oven in the bakery is heated using our own wood acquired from trees growing in our forest. We bake our bread on two large grates in a stone oven. The bread is baked without using any chemical or industrial additives. This is how we can guarantee the high quality of our products that are both healthy and delicious. In our farm bakery we also produce cereals using grain flakes and nuts roasted in the heat of the stone oven. After the next generation took over the farm the Rekola Biojaloste Ky (Bio-produce company) became part of the Rekolabiodyn Cooperative. The person responsible for running the bakery is Henri Murto.

Agriculture: Biodynamic grain plants, hey and silage on the farm is grown by Joona Rekola. On the farm fields we grow a wide range of cereals that need to be threshed and we also produce hey and silage for the cattle. We use a method of crop rotation where the cycle lasts for six years including growing clover-timothy and vetch-oat mix and different crops.

Cattle farming: The person in charge of looking after and feeding the cows is Joona Rekola. Our farm has currently on average 30 Limousine cattle. The diet of the cattle consists of silage and feed almost entirely grown on our own farm and the animals graze our fields from June until October.

Community: On Rekola farm we arrange community activities in many different forms. We teach biodynamic farming methods for groups of people visiting the farm. Further, we develop our farm in cooperation with our customers. Volunteer work parties are arranged on the course of the seasons and festivities such as Midsummer Eve party and harvest party are open for everybody. Communality and community spirit are of central value on our farm. The economic benefit of our contacts with our customers and volunteers are important, however the community feeling including the spiritual and social aspect is also very much appreciated on our farm.

Demeter: The Biodynamic Association of Finland has awarded our farm products with the Demeter Certified Biodynamic Product certificate that acknowledges the high quality of our biodynamic products. In accordance to Demeter certification our products fulfil the criteria for organic farming.