Farm bakery

The farm bakery was established in 1977 by Sirkka Silvennoinen-Rekola in order to process cereals. On the course of a few decades the biodynamic bread of Rekola farm has become a popular product for many of our customers. Since the younger generation took over the farm management the bakery has been run by Heikki Murto who learned the methods in baking from Sirkka on the course of a number of years. The methods in baking were developed by Sirkka in order to process high quality of cereals into handmade bread. In our farm bakery we combine excellent bread making skills with our appreciation towards good quality of bread.

All the cereals used in the farm bakery are biodynamic and grown mostly on our own farm. In bread making the oven is heated with wood that comes from from our own forest. We bake our bread on two large grates in a stone oven. We do not use any preservatives or industrial additives in our bread. Our bread baking methods guarantee the high quality of our products and that they are healthy and delicious. In our bakery we also produce breakfast cereals that contain nuts and cereal flakes roasted in the heat of the stone oven.

We bake currently six different varieties of bread in our bakery. The selection of our bread includes rye, wheat, oat, spelt, wholegrain and we also bake bread containing fruit. The rye bread is made using liquid starter and no additional water is needed. All the other breads contain wheat starter as one third of their liquid. All the fruit, seeds and nuts used in our bread and cereals are certified organic or biodynamic whereas all our bread is certified organic and Demeter.

Rekolabiodyn delivers bread mainly in Tampere and Pirkanmaa region in central Finland however bread is also sold in the capital of Helsinki. The baking season starts in the beginning of October and ends in the end of April. Our bread is sold in the following shops:

In Tampere: K-citymarket Turtola, Tampereen kauppahalli (M.Vallius), Ruohonjuuri, Sokos herkku Tampere

In Kangasala: Kangasalan K-supermarket.