Voluntary work parties

On Rekola farm we have traditionally arranged weeding work parties in our vegetable plots in the summer time whereas harvesting voluntary work parties take place in the autumn. The harvest work is carried out in the autumn season on approximately five Saturdays starting around the middle of September. In the voluntary work parties we carry out harvesting while enjoying each other’s company amongst the beautiful surrounding nature. We provide our volunteers with a delicious lunch and coffee time where the ingredients are grown on the farm. Further, we cooperate with the Steiner School of Tampere. In the autumn a couple of classes have familiarized themselves with the everyday biodynamic farming practices by participating in the voluntary work harvest parties.

Voluntary work parties offer an excellent opportunity for our customers to experience how it feels to see carrot seedlings swaying in the summer wind while you are weeding or to harvest fresh produce grown in the soil cared for using biodynamic farming methods. Voluntary work parties provide our customers with a very authentic experience in the everyday reality on a biodynamic farm. As a conclusion voluntary work parties are very important to us both from an economic and social point of view.

On Rekola farm different kind of voluntary parties have connected the food producer to the customers already over many years. At its best voluntary work parties are very successful social events where individuals can gain rich and enlivening experiences from working together with other people amongst the beautiful nature.

Notices regarding the time table of voluntary work parties are posted on the news box on the front page.