Tapahtumat The events on Rekola farm include different forms of cooperation. We teach biodynamic farming methods for groups of people visiting the farm. Further, we develop our farm in cooperation with our customers. Seasonal festivities, events and voluntary work parties are a central part of the farm activities.

Seasonal celebrations include the annual midsummer eve-party that has been running already over 30 years and the harvest party. In addition to these we arrange other events including open days and anniversaries. These events have helped us on Rekola farm to open up towards a larger community. We welcome everyone who is interested in developing biodynamic farming to participate in our work.

Notices regarding the time table of events and voluntary work parties are posted on the news box on the front page.

Other forms of cooperation
Other cooperative partners are the shopkeepers who sell our products. Also regular customers or food circles order their vegetables and bread from the farm or visit our market stall in Tampere in the summer and autumn. We send a newsletter to our regular customers in order to inform them about the events and news regarding the farm. In the summer time groups of people interested in the principles in biodynamic farming come to visit the farm.

Communality is of central value on our farm. Contacts with our customers and volunteers benefit us economically. However communality in its mental and social aspects is at least as important for us as the economic gains. Communality and feedback from people is of important value in developing our farm activities. In its best the communication between the farmers and the community can work as a reciprocal mental stimulus. Therefore biodynamic farming cannot be seen only from an economic perspective but it provides us also with mental, spiritual and moral gains both in relation to fellow men and the earth. In its best communality can help us to connect our consciousness with the nature.